Interesting app for practice – American Mah Jongg Practice 2020. The app is not the same as playing against bots or other players online – but it’s fun, and I like having it on my iPhone, (Be careful when you look for this in the App Store – there are *many* Mah Jongg apps, but the others are all the solitaire game of matching tiles.) Important note – this app will help you to become more familiar with the card, and to make a variety of hands.  BUT — it does not enforce all of the Mah Jongg rules, and the bots never win.  It’s great for practicing hands, and learning the card !  Available in the App Store and on Google Play. (And it’s very inexpensive!)

Here are links to four online games. All offer the option of playing with bots or with real people. Most offer a free trial period, and several offer a limited number of free games every day.  Graphics differ from game to game, so you may need to explore a bit to find the one that feels right for you!  Online games are a great way to become more familiar with the card. Note that Mahjong Time also offers Asian-style games, like Hong Kong.